See what our clients are saying about their experience.

During the time Nikolay Yelizarov spent with our team, the results our athletes saw from his EIMS treatments were brilliant!
— Oleg Zaitsev, Russian Olympic Team Diving Coach
Always pleased with the effective results I get from even sometimes, just one visit. Very knowledgeable and pleasant clinic.
— Chris C.
I a seamstress and usually spend a lot of time with sewing machine. As a result, I often get shoulder and back pain. Any massages helped for a short period of time only. After Dr. yelizarov’s acupuncture treatment I feel much better than before.
— Svetlana I
I was struggling with my low back, leg and ankle pain for a number of years. The pain had become a limiting factor in my sports activities and everyday life. Conventional treatments like anti-inflammatories, RICE, physiotherapy, and massage provided only short term relief. Only after I tried EIMS did my condition improve tremendously. N. Yelizarov’s method proved to be the most effective treatment for my muscle pain, giving me long-term relief.
— Igor Dianov, NewspaperDirect Inc., Richmond, BC
I was about to cancel my business trip because I began to feel low back pain. One session of the treatment made my trip possible. The completed program kept me free of any pain while I continued to do the activities I had done before.
— Dr. Eugene Nizker, PhD, I.S.P., Custom House Currency Exchange, Victoria, BC
I tried every treatment I could, including IMS. Only EIMS technique improved my post-surgery back condition. I stayed on the program receiving 1 session every 1-2 months. It’s been 2 years since my introductionto the treatment, and now I feel better than ever.
— Gwen Gills, Primus Automotive Financial Services, Surrey, BC.
An excellent place to go for a massage. I play a lot of soccer and weight train and I feel so much better after coming here. I highly recommend this clinic. Allan is the best RMT I have been to.
— Steven G