Does EIMS hurt?

EIMS does not hurt at all because the procedure uses hair-thin needles that are inserted quickly. Once the needle is in, you won’t know that it is there, unless you look. Even patients who were very anxious about getting shots are surprised about how comfortable they feel with EIMS.

How does EIMS treatments provide long-term relief for backache and shoulder pain?

EIMS treats the underlying cause of the pain which, in most cases, is a muscle and/or tendon strain. Muscle and tendon strains involve damage to the muscle cells which become inflamed and swollen. These inflamed muscles pinch the nerves located within them and this is relayed as a pain signal to the brain. Blood circulates poorly in the damaged muscles and the healing process is slow. EIMS helps by improving the blood flow thereby helping the body to regenerate, while at the same time restoring performance and increasing endurance to physical activity. 

Can EIMS help with Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Yes, because EIMS helps speed up the healing process, repair the muscles in your body and makes your muscles stronger, reducing the risk of repeat injury. Repetitive strain injuries occur due to overuse of the muscle in repetitive movement. The healing process is slow and difficult especially if you use these muscles throughout the day and can’t afford to take a few months off to fully recover. Fortunately, EIMS significantly speeds up the healing process so that damage is healed despite of the daily stress. To see how we could help you, please book your initial consultation today.

What treatments complement EIMS?

Massage and Physiotherapy work well with EIMS treatments. Massage helps improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in the injured tissues which helps the recovery process. Physiotherapy is helpful in releasing tension, building muscle strength and restoring the range of motion and flexibility in injured muscle once the inflammation has been treated. 

Who is entitled to receive medical coverage for the EIMS treatment?

EIMS treatment is covered by most extended health care plans, WCB, and ICBC claims. MSP provides coverage in some cases.

Extended Heath care plans reimburse the cost of acupuncture treatments up to your annual limit. Please consult your benefit plan or contact your insurance company for more detailed information.

Worker’s Compensation board covers the cost of acupuncture treatments if:

(a) the pain is a result of a work-related injury,

(b) you have a WorkSafeBC claim and

(c) the treatment is performed by a Registered Acupuncturist.

ICBC covers the cost of acupuncture treatments if the pain is a result of an accident-related injury. Your claim adjuster can give you more details on your coverage.

The BC Medical Services Plan covers most of the cost of the treatment for patients on premium assistance. Fortunately the remainder of the fee is a medical expense and is tax deductible. A family physician referral for acupuncture is recommended.

I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years. Will acupuncture help me? 

Yes, if your migraines are caused by the tension in your upper neck muscles. Tension in these muscles may lead to a variety of complaints such as headaches, dizziness, and even hearing loss. EIMS relieves tension by helping repair the injured muscle which in turn relieves all of the other symptoms